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hey guys. 

sorry i’ve been absent. i just haven’t had time to catch up on naruto. 

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うちはマダラ - Uchiha Madara

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hey guys 

sorry i havent been on much.

i haven’t really had time to get on the internet. i miss blogging, and i miss all of you. i hope my friends haven’t unfollowed me, because i’ve noticed i’ve lost quite a few followers.

i just still haven’t caught myself up with naruto, so there really isn’t any point in me being here right now until i can actually catch up 

omg i have lost so many followers b/c i suck :((((


Happy Birthday, Uchiha Sasuke

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Team 7

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"The purification will consist in 
cutting all the bounds with you. That will be the true restoration of the Uchiha. I will go to that place as well! In order to kill you!"

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